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Strategic Points

Strategic Points

Preparing for an Interview

Congratulations on securing an interview!

Now what? You are nervous; you are not sure what to say and how to dress. Strategic Personnel can help you. Below are a few simple tips to help you to present your best self at your next interview.


Do your research. Read up on the company and hiring manager you are meeting. Have a look at their social media profiles and familiarize yourself with their background. Read up on the company’s values, culture and the kind of products they have on offer. If relevant, review their financial results. The more you know about an organisation the easier it will be for you to sell yourself to them.

Prepare for the interview questions

Different companies use a variety of different techniques to assess you in an interview. You might be asked behavioural or situation questions. You might be asked a brain teaser. You may have to complete a written assessment before the interview. Your Strategic Personnel consultant will make sure that you know the format of the interview beforehand but it helps to anticipate the kinds of questions you may be asked.

Think of how you will introduce yourself if they ask the common “tell me about yourself” question. Think of specific examples of success in your career and use data to illustrate those successes. Use the job spec as a base and think about moments in your career where you may have had similar responsibilities. Remember to think about your areas of improvement or weakness and how you  plan to overcome that weakness. Finally think about why you want to work for the organisation. Practise your answers out loud and in the mirror, but not so that they become robotic. You will be more comfortable in the interview if you have ordered your thoughts beforehand. 

Use Google to be the best version of yourself

Google has a massive library of interview tips and tricks. Use it to your advantage and read up on the issues you struggle with the most. Click on the link below for TED Talks to watch before an interview.

The day of the interview

When the day arrives, if you have done the research and are suitably prepared you will be ready.  Dress professionally, even on a video interview. If you are meeting face to face give yourself enough time to find the office and plan to arrive 10 minutes before the interview is due to start. If you are having a video interview make sure that you have previously downloaded the relevant software and that your audio is working well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the interview. Asking the right questions in an interview will show that you are committed to the role and that you have done your research.

Spend the time before the interview going through your CV. It is easy to think of answers to questions if you know your work history well. Check in with your Strategic Personnel consultant before and after the interview, this way they can be on standby if you need anything. They can then let the client know how the interview went from your side as quickly as possible.