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Tips from our Consultants about Working From Home

Now that we have all been working from home for the last 7 weeks you may have figured out a routine that works for you. With the onset of Level 4 lockdown a few more industries have returned to work but this could still mean working from home for you. Technology helps us to do the work but sometimes we need a bit more help with the softer skills, to make sure that we are as productive as possible.

At Strategic Personnel we have been working from home since the lockdown started. It has taken a few weeks but we are all in a good productive rhythm. We asked our team to share what they are doing to make sure that no day is wasted. Whilst we have regular hook ups as a team this is what our individual contributors had to say:


I get up every morning and get ready as I would for the office. I get dressed up in professional attire and put on a full face of makeup ready to face the day. I then plan my day properly and create three to five tasks that I want to accomplish during the day. This ensures that I achieve something every day.  I am using this time to up skill myself and I have signed up for a number of online courses and I am building my online network. I am utilising this quiet time to learn to be a better recruiter.

Dominique Bennett – Researcher


I get up and check the date everyday so I don’t walk around in a daze! I then make sure I don’t work in my pyjamas. I don’t want to be too relaxed and want to read a book instead. I make sure that my workspace is clean and bright with no distractions from my family. Finally I make sure that I am in constant communication with my colleagues, I like to stay in touch to them just as we would when going to office. This helps me stay sane and connected.

Dee Mills - Senior Consultant


I make sure that I am organised. Being organised works well for me and ensures that I have everything I need in a day to be productive. I have filled my workplace with things that I treasure like motivational quotes. I think that keeping my workspace close to nature is important. I have plants on my desk and get plenty of fresh air during the day. I stay hydrated and make sure that a glass of water is on my desk throughout the day. To stay concentrated during the day I put earphones in – I listen to my favourite songs. I find they lift my mood. I have a book on my desk called “Believe you can/Power of Positive thinking” – Every so often I take a moment, just open and read it. This helps me to keep the distractions of noise and those around me at bay and keeps me focused.

Bonny Nel – Senior Consultant


I think the key is communication with my family. I communicate my expectations with my family and they know that they need to respect my time during the workday. I have also set up a dedicated workspace to make sure that I stay productive. I make sure that I work my normal working day. I start at 8:30am and finish at 5pm. This ensures that I don’t lose track of time throughout the day if I am caught up in an activity. I take breaks away from my desk during the day. This helps me to remain focused when I am busy with a specific task.

Neo Lekgothoane Ntumba – Senior Consultant


I find that having a routine works best for me. I start at a specific time every day and plan my day. I am keeping a record of my daily activity so that I know what I am doing during the day. I find this stops me from wasting time during the day and ensures that I meet the goals I set out for myself. I try not to be hard on myself – in as much as you have the illusion of a more relaxed space I find that I am extremely focused at home and I tend to forget to set parameters. If I am tired, I get up and take a walk around the house. 

Mike Collison - Senior Consultant


Based on the feedback given by the team a few things are clear. Routine is really important, keep to your routine and stay organised by setting goals daily.  Strategic Personnel remains committed to our clients and candidates and despite having a distributed workforce at the moment will continue to support you as much as we can during this difficult time.